Dear Supporter,

The youth of today are confronted with more problems than at any other time in American History.  These problems include drug abuse,
teenage pregnancy, suicide, gang violence, obesity and poor self-esteem. The added dilemma of Post-Katrina stress and the lack of
recreational programs do little to eliminate these problems.  Only through the effort of the entire community can we attempt to bring every
natural resource to combat these problems.  With these problems in mind, a few local coaches, educators and parents decided to create
an athletic and educational program.  The New Era Track Club was established April 22, 2005. This is a Non-Profit 501(C) (3) youth
organization for boys and girls of the Metropolitan New Orleans area. We are currently members of the USATF (United States Of America
Track And Field) and AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) Track and Field Associations.  Our Primary goal is to develop the minds and body of
our athletes, as well as provide them with access to major Track and Field events throughout the United States.  The club focuses on
positive self-esteem while exposing each member to character building experiences. It is a school without walls concept that uses track
and field as a basis to advance its students to be successful and productive citizens.  During our existence, many of our kids have
become better student/athletes due to their new extended family and the development of their social skills.

Sponsorship from local community organizations will be necessary to continue our success in 2013.  A contribution from your
organization will be greatly appreciated and would go a long way into the development of the young minds and bodies of our athletes.

A check for any generous donation can be also be made to:
The New Era Track Club
2816 First St.
New Orleans, LA 70113.

The club would like to promote your company in anyway possible.  Please join us for a Track and Field event, or a practice to witness the
development of some of the finest young people in New Orleans.  Our practices are held at City Park, Behrman Stadium and Harrell


Safiyyullah Yusuf
Fundraising Director
Running To Achieve Greatness